4 Methods for Finding Story Inspiration

Stuck with wanting to write but not knowing what to write? I’ve been there and it sucks. Here are a few ways to grow some writing ideas. Maybe these will help you write your next bestseller!

1. Music

I find music extremely helpful when writing scenes in my stories. But what if you don’t have a story in mind? Music can also help with that! Set your playlist on shuffle and whichever song comes on next, use it as inspiration for your story. Close your eyes and really listen to the lyrics, the beat, the instruments. What images run through your head? Can you expand upon those images into a story? Or maybe you just see yourself as the musician/singer…I definitely have never done that before.

2. Books

Story ideas from books you own…is that illegal? No! Just don’t steal the whole book, silly! How many books are out there about a teen saving the world whether it’s virtual, separated in districts, based on mythology, etc? Besides using the premise of a book and twisting it so it’s your own unique story, try flipping to a random page and use the first sentence on that page as inspiration for your story. What if you combine a few random sentences from several books? What if you just pull random words from random pages? How about finding inspiration from poetry books?

3. Your Surroundings

Look around where you are right now. What’s near you? What could a story be about using those objects near you? Can you use what you find to create a character, a plot, a setting? For instance, I’m currently drinking coffee while writing this. What if the main character in my story is a barista? Or…a coffee addict like myself? Hmm…or what if someone has to throw hot coffee on an attacker to get away? Ouch. You can even make up little games and see if it sparks inspiration. Like, if you could only keep three objects in the room you’re in, what would you choose and why? (I’d definitely keep my coffee because…it’s yummy.)

4. Just Write

Okay…this seems counterproductive if the main point was you didn’t know what to write, but hear me out. If you don’t have a story…if you don’t know what to write, just open up a notebook or your laptop and begin writing any thought in your mind. Anything and everything. Eventually a story will start coming out of your fingers. Magic, I know. Even if you just start writing what to you seems like a boring story, maybe a different idea will spark from that little narrative. I actually used this method and after writing three different mini story ideas, I found myself writing a longer story and it was fun just to start writing instead of thinking about writing.

Now what are you gonna do after reading this? Go out there and write your next amazing book! Hope your enjoyed these tips and have a wonderful day!

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