A Hero Up Sneak Peek

Hero Up is going to be published June 5! THIS FRIDAY!! I’m so excited to get this book baby out into the world. I love giving y’all sneak peeks on my social media. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook @joyrchappell if you haven’t already! Anyway, I have a special sneak peek for y’all today. I’m posting the entire prologue here! So without further ado, read on…


Isaac Holden paced his office. Today, everything would change for Link and his precious game. He glanced up at his computers, observing the different gamers playing Hero Up. They ran around, fighting beasts and whatnot, blissfully unaware of what was about to happen. What he was going to let loose. 

If he was honest with himself—no, he wouldn’t go there. He ignored those feelings. Maybe he was insane, maybe he was lost, maybe… Sighing deeply, he picked up a picture frame and stared at the two smiling boys. His breath caught in his throat.

Isaac placed the frame back on his desk and ran a hand through his hair. He already had one man killed. This is for you, my sons. This is justice. The mantra kept him going.

The clicking of heels announced her presence coming toward his office. Isaac looked up, setting his face into one of confidence. With a folder tucked in the crook of her arm and a gleam in her green eyes, Olivia announced, “Mr. Holden, we’re ready.”

“Excellent. Thank you.” He flashed her a smile and took the folder from her, pushed his glasses atop his head, and thumbed through the statistics inside. He paused.

“Mr. Holden?”

It was too late to go back. This is justice. Isaac looked up at her. “Tell them to enter in the afternoon. That’s when most players join.”

“That’s just what we were thinking as well, sir.”

“Perfect.” He handed the clipboard back to her and moved his glasses back over his eyes. “Tell them to start with…” He scanned the computer and pointed at the white-caped figure surrounded by a crowd. “Her.”


“Yes.” Everyone knew her; she was on every Hero Up advertisement and seen wherever the game was shown, but Isaac knew better. Link’s little pixie puppet. Yes, he would start out with a bang and continue the domino effect. How many would have to fall before Link surrendered? Isaac squeezed his hands into fists as the words of his wife echoed in his mind: Is this justice or revenge, Isaac?

“Make sure the group doesn’t take out too many yet. Two hundred at most.” Justice or revenge? Link would pay and the world would finally see the light.

This is for you, my sons.

I hope you enjoyed Hero Up’s prologue! I can’t wait till June 5! Follow me on social media to get more updates. Have a lovely day!

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