Young Adult Books

Hero Up

Danielle is one of the newest players inside the virtual reality game, Hero Up. Finally, she can explore the world her father helped create and can be who she dreams of being, but her insecurities follow her in no matter how much she imagines herself as a high-level hero.

 Jordan, Dani’s brother, used to intern under their father at Hero Up’s headquarters, but after their father died at the HQ, Jordan became protective of his little sister. He fears Hero Up isn’t as safe as everyone thinks, but despite his protests, Dani joins the game.

Alex just wants to have fun and be himself. Inside Hero Up, he finally doesn’t have to worry about judgements. No one can tell he’s different, and wit and charm can go far. It’ll be a summer to remember.

Fae. Her name is known across the nation. The first girl to make it to level 60, not to mention her dramatic persona that drew the attention of everyone wanting to play Hero Up. Now she works under the creator, Link, doing his bidding inside the game. Sometimes she wants to do her own thing, but with him threatening to expose her secret past, she’s trapped to do his will.

Inside Hero Up, an unforeseen virus is unleashed, endangering every player—they are now trapped inside the game. Looking for a hidden exit built by their own father, Dani and Jordan join Alex and Fae in an unlikely team to save everyone. But navigating Hero Up proves to be difficult. Not only are the game’s beasts programmed to kill the heroes, but tensions are rising throughout the team, and it seems as if someone is trying to deter their quest…

Children’s Books

Roxie Noble and the Fashion Frenzy Thief

Roxie Noble has been training her whole life at the Robloxian Secret Agency and now she has her very own mission! A thief is on the loose in Fashion Frenzy stealing valuable clothes! Roxie will do all she can to accomplish her assignment so she can be promoted, but it seems like she’s destined to fail.

Will Roxie be able to complete her first mission or will she forever be the “newbie” agent?

Roxie Noble and the Christmas Saboteur

In this special stand-alone holiday story, Roxie Noble, AKA the Christmas Queen, is planning the best Christmas party ever! Except there’s one problem. She finds Chris, AKA Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes, stealing her idea and planning a party of his own…at the same location and on the same day!

This calls for one thing: sabotage! Roxie now has to plan her Christmas party and, at the same time, be secretive about her pranks lest Chris finds out. No one messes with this Christmas Queen and gets away with it!


My Magical Stories

My Magical Stories

This whimsical journal is perfect for the storyteller in your child. Your child will love to write down everything in their imagination while practicing handwriting skills with the big line spaces, and illustrating their own stories. Also included in this cute unicorn journal are pages with inspiring quotes and unicorns to color in using colored pencils and crayons! With over 100 pages, this journal will keep your child busy and having fun for hours at any occasion.