Hello Readers!

I haven’t written a blog in a few years, but when I did it was a lot of fun in my time away from writing books…and school papers.

Like my past blog, this site will be used to write about my books, what I’m currently writing, writing tips, and perhaps a few of my short creative writing pieces. In general, this is a blog about books and writing from a self-published author.

Oh yeah, I’m Joy Chappell. I’m a self-published author. My favorite genre to write in is YA, but I also dabble in children’s books and I’ve created a couple journals, though I’ve only published one. I love writing if you can’t tell! Click below to get to know me a little more and check out my books!

My posting schedule on here may be a little out-of-wack since I’m busy with college as well as finishing up another novel, but I’d love to post every week. We’ll see how that goes! Follow me on my social media to get mini updates on my life. I’m most active on Instagram, but I’ll be trying to build up my other accounts.

Thanks for reading and welcome to my blog!

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