Ramblings On My Writing Class Pt. 2

Dear Diary,

I underestimated poetry writing and now have even more respect and amazement toward poets. That is all.

I’ve maybe written five poems in my life, if that. I’ve never learned a lot of the skill and technique that goes into that genre. These last couple weeks were rough for me. More difficult than writing creative nonfiction? Yes.

My assignments included writing two different poems: a free verse and a closed form. For some reason, I thought it’d be fun to write a villanelle poem because why not take on a writing challenge?

Truthfully, it wasn’t all bad, BUT that was because I had an idea already…I just had to think of refrains and rhyming end words and connect it all like a puzzle.

That was the hard part. There are firm rules for closed form poetry. I had to stick to a beat like a song while having an imaginative story, and rhyme words. And for the specific form I chose, I had to make sure a couple lines would work throughout the poem (the refrains). Ahhh!

Also, all the different, weird words for poetry like iambic pentameter confused me soooo much. I have my roommate to thank for helping finally understand that and other words. (Do I even sound like a writer anymore, haha!)

I finished my closed-form poem first, which is about leaving home and going to college freshman year. How do I feel about it? I like it, but at the same time, the flow of it sounds like it needs work.

My free verse poem–the type that is supposed to be easier because there aren’t any rules-was harder for me to write. After a couple days of brainstorming and having friends help give me ideas, I decided to write my poem on different forms of happiness.

I rhymed the ending words to this poem even though I didn’t have to and I think some people who peer-reviewed my work thought I was writing two closed-form poems. Oh, well!

I think if I continue writing poems, I’ll get better and more stories will come to mind. I did have a different free-verse poem pop into my head one night, and I wrote it down even though it sounded a little cheesy.

For now, I think I’ll stick to fiction stories though. They’re way more fun for me to write. I won’t cast aside poetry or creative nonfiction; they just won’t be what I focus on.

It’s okay to not be good at everything in your field.

Joy Chappell

It’s okay to not be good at everything in your field. I love writing and have a passion for it. I’m not perfect, but I know I’m way better at writing fiction than the other two genres I wrote in for this class. I’m a writer, and I’m not a good writer all the time. I am perfectly fine with that.

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